The Breast Cancer Awareness Body Paint Project is an ongoing series designed and created by Michael Colanero with the first survivor / model Cindy Papale to raise awareness and funds for Breast Cancer causes. I am lucky enough to have been brought onboard and painted all but one of these amazing women.  The concept is that we would talk with the survivors and get a feel for their personality and collectively come up with a theme. Once the theme was decided I would then paint a base image on our models using a combination of hand painting and airbrushing. After that Michael would take the photos and then even more artistry on his part would begin. Michael would take the final photos, edit them for lighting etc and then create beautiful after effects using his computer to add or take away different artistic details to make the final image as intense, beautiful and meaningful as possible for each woman.

 This project has been an amazing and humbling experience that I am honored to be a part of. All images are of actual Breast Cancer Survivors painted in a theme that has meaning to them personally. These images are available for sale on and all profits from the sales currently go to The Kristy Lasch Miracle Foundation. The foundation helps women under the age of 30 with medical related expenses who are battling breast cancer. Kristy was diagnosed at age 22 and lost her battle at 26. The Foundation is in her memory ( *The Kristy Lasch Foundation is not affiliated with this project beyond being a recipient of our donations.*  -  Lucianne Ungerbuehler joined the project to paint the survivor / model for image titled "tribute". 

Please check back often as we bring new designs online MANY more in production NOW! :-)
We currently have 18 survivors painted and photographed on our way to 50.

Seeking Survivors

The project currently has an open call to survivors who may be interested in participating please email: for more information. The goal is to produce a calendar and hopefully to go on to a coffee table book complete with bios and survivor stories. 

Youtube video of the WLRN Artstreet segment on the project

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"ribbon in the sky" first Survivor / model Cindy Papale's

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BCABPP 14 - African Sun
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Ribbon in the Sky (image progression)
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Phoenix Rising
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Daylilies at Night
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Bamboo & Butterflies
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Faith, Hope, Fear & Anger
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Releasing the Spell
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Pink Cheshire
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